Liz Nottingham

I am an ArtGym creative facilitator, supervisor, coach and a member of CSA Faculty. I have a long career in Human Resources, mainly in the Advertising and Marketing sector with a lived experience of “organisations are great, just don’t put any people in them.” As a result of this, I have pioneered new approaches to learning and development to make the work place a more human experience. 

I enjoy working with nature as a metaphor and passionate about the potential for Super-Vision for the HR Professional to support clients with the development of their HR practice.I am a member of the Creative Equals Advisory Board, a Trustee for Art Against Knives and HERA, supporting women affected by modern slavery. I am always asking questions, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. I am a relentless learner and am aware that collaboration and relationship are all that we have.

I am totally committed to the development of the leaders of tomorrow and am bold and pioneering in my approach to talent, shaping culture and engagement.

You can contact me at