Late Summer Reflection Workshop

Join us for a spacious hour of Pause and Reflection inspired by the qualities images and metaphors of Late Summer.

Late Summer is the transition from high summer to early autumn. It is the time of the year in which we often get to fully enjoy the work and preparation we put in during the of winter and spring. Gardens and parks are full of beautiful colourful flowers. Soft fruit is in abundance and tomatoes and apples are ripening. The veg garden is in full production.

Although the days are staring to shorten and we may long for summer to last just a little longer, we know that each balmy evening is to be savoured.

Every Season has its place and purpose in nature’s cycle. Join Liz Nottingham and Doug Montgomery for their Science meets Creativity Late Summer Reflection.

Using the metaphor and qualities of the season as the inspiration for a spacious hour of deep reflection on what the Late Summer means for you.

Please join us with a pen, paper, some crayons and a cup of something lovely!