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Science meets Creativity provides safe spaces of pause and reflection in the form of Super-Vision and Reflection Workshops

Science meets Creativity is a collaboration between two professional coaching supervisors and accredited coaches, Doug Montgomery and Liz Nottingham.

We offer Super-Vision to Coaches, HR Professionals and Leaders. We know that Super-Vision supports resilience, energy, growth, and wellbeing in these challenging times. This reflective learning partnership is an equally valuable resource for all professionals who work through relationships.

Inspired by the changing seasons, we also run regular reflection workshops that use the qualities and metaphors of nature as a starting point for self reflection and growth.

As well as running open enrolment supervision groups and seasonal reflection workshops, we also provide customised workshops and supervisions to organisations. We would be very happy to discuss any individual requirements you might have for groups and teams in your business. Please contact us for further details and we will be happy to talk through your needs.

Currently, all of our Super-Vision groups and reflection workshops take place in-person online.

A home for our thoughts and a place for you to find us

This website functions as a blog, a place to find out about what we offer and our upcoming events, and a source of information about Liz, Doug, and Science meets Creativity itself.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Light and Shadow
    Our reflection sessions use images of the seasons to encourage self-awareness, drawing on the metaphors of each season as a way of relating to and accessing participants’ inner worlds.  Although we began by using images that represented the positive—warmth, opportunities, growth, energy, and emergence—we soon discovered that we were missing the shadow side of each…
  • Developing Super-Vision: Seeing your work through seven different eyes
    We all have one view of the world. Our view of the world. And we tend to stick with our narrative and interpretations, which we carry into the workplace. But what if there was a way to see things with the benefit of 7 fresh eyes?

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