Welcome to Science meets Creativity

Science meets Creativity provides safe spaces of pause and reflection in the form of Super-Vision and Reflection Workshops

Science meets Creativity is a collaboration between two professional coaching supervisors and accredited coaches, Doug Montgomery and Liz Nottingham.

We offer Super-Vision to Coaches, HR Professionals and Leaders. We know that Super-Vision supports resilience, energy, growth, and wellbeing in these challenging times. This reflective learning partnership is an equally valuable resource for all professionals who work through relationships.

Inspired by the changing seasons, we also run regular reflection workshops that use the qualities and metaphors of nature as a starting point for self reflection and growth.

As well as running open enrolment supervision groups and seasonal reflection workshops, we also provide customised workshops and supervisions to organisations. We would be very happy to discuss any individual requirements you might have for groups and teams in your business. Please contact us for further details and we will be happy to talk through your needs.

Currently, all of our Super-Vision groups and reflection workshops take place in-person online.

A home for our thoughts and a place for you to find us

This website functions as a blog, a place to find out about what we offer and our upcoming events, and a source of information about Liz, Doug, and Science meets Creativity itself.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Super-Vision: An untapped resource for leaders and managers
    Are you an expert in your field? Have you recently been promoted to manage and lead? Are you relying on your people-skills and relationships more than your core expertise? If so, I know how challenging that can be! Read on to discover a hidden gem…
  • Finger hovering hesitantly over the send button
    “My finger was hovering over the key, my heart was racing, my stomach tightening into a small tight knot, my toes curling, my eyes looking away from the screen. What was going on?” Struggling to send an email, Doug is confronted by some old demons. He reflects on how supervision and coaching has helped him cope in these kinds of situations.

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